Why is my property still in the market? -This is why your real estate property won’t sell

Sometimes, a real estate property may stay up to half a year without an offer from a potential customer.  You may be doing all the advertisements right but your property just won’t sell. It can be frustrating when you are trying to move to another home, or you need the money urgently.

These may be some of the reasons you property is still in the market

Your pricing is too high

Nowadays, most buyers shop for real estate property with the help of real estate agents. Experienced real estate agents can estimate the pricing of a home as they walk through it. If the pricing is too high when compared to the real value of the home, it may be the main reason your real estate property is still in the market.  This manly happens to people who set the price based on what they want to gain on the property.  Setting a high price will not do any good for your home. Hire a professional realtor to help you set the right price for your home

Poor quality photos on your online advertisements

When you area advertising your property online, the photos play a huge role in how people will react. When people see poor quality photos, they won’t think twice about the real estate property. Poor quality photos make your property look unattractive and unworthy.  If you want to gain more customers on real estate property, hire a professional photographer with a high quality camera to take good photos. They will attract more customers to your real estate property.

Is your agent working?

Sometimes, everything is set up well but your real estate agent is not working hard enough to sell your home. Your real estate agent should be in charge of the marketing and advertisement, repair, arrangement and selling of your property. You may have been appointed a real estate agent who is working too many listings in one go.  You will have a harder time selling your home if your agent is not paying attention to it. Some agents overlook property simple because they have better deals. Before you commit yourself to an agent, screen and interview them. Look at their ratings, talk to their past clients and ask for a qualification letter. Ensure you are only working with the best.

The curb appeal of your house may be chasing your clients away

The first impression of your home is the curb appeal. If the front of your home does not look attractive, you will not get the customers you want.  If you have clutter, dead vegetation and uneven land on your front loan, nobody will want to buy the property. You can hire a professional to keep your front loan tidy and plant all the necessary vegetation, like flowers, to keep your front loan looking clean, healthy and beautiful. Some few lights here and there will make the house look better in the night.

Final word

When you market your property online, ensure you have all the details written down correctly. Sometimes, the issue can be just a single number on your phone or your pricing.